NUA Odisha Scheme: Skilling 1 Lakh Youth Annually – Overview, Objectives & Application Process

NUA Odisha Scheme

The NUA Odisha Scheme (Nutana Unnata Abhilasha) recently received the Odisha Cabinet’s approval, heralding a significant initiative aiming to invest Rs. 385 crore over three years to skill one lakh young individuals in the state. This groundbreaking program marks a vital stride towards empowering the youth with enhanced skill sets, fostering employability, and bridging the skills gap across various sectors in Odisha.

NUA Odisha Scheme
NUA Odisha Scheme: Skilling 1 Lakh Youth Annually - Overview, Objectives & Application Process 4
Name of the SchemeNUA Odisha Scheme
Launched byOdisha government
ObjectiveSkilling one lakh youth annually
Earmarked BudgetRs. 385 crore
Target BeneficiariesYouth of Odisha
Official WebsiteNUA Odisha Scheme
Table 1: NUA Odisha Scheme Overview

Overview of the NUA Odisha Scheme

The Odisha Government’s NUA Scheme is geared to revitalize the state’s socio-economic landscape by skilling the youth and catering to individuals across all 30 districts. The program is orchestrated to operate over three years, channeling Rs. 385 crore to train 100,000 youngsters annually. Its fundamental objective is to harness the untapped potential of the youth by imparting cutting-edge skills through various educational and governmental institutions, skill clusters, and more.

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Key Objectives

The prime objective of the NUA Odisha Scheme is to provide extensive training, retraining, and upskilling opportunities for the youth. The Skill Development & Technical Education Department, along with various institutions, will offer diverse skill-enhancement programs to bridge the skills gap and equip the youth with industry-relevant expertise.

Features of the Scheme

  • Extensive Reach: The program spans all 30 districts, ensuring inclusivity in skill development initiatives.
    Varied Opportunities: Educational institutions, government skilling entities, MSME clusters, and SD & TE Department institutions (ITI, Polytechnic, etc.) will be instrumental in providing skilling avenues.
  • Skill Development Focus: Focus on fostering employability skills and industry connections to address the scarcity of skilled human resources in emerging sectors.
  • Technological Integration: Bridging the skills gap by integrating modern technologies into traditional sectors like agriculture, handicrafts, and handloom.

Advantages and Benefits

The NUA Scheme aims to elevate the employability quotient of the youth by offering top-notch training, building robust industry liaisons, and enhancing their skill set. This initiative will not only nurture skilled human resources but also align traditional sectors with modern technological advancements.

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Application Process

NUA Odisha Scheme
NUA Odisha Scheme: Skilling 1 Lakh Youth Annually - Overview, Objectives & Application Process 5

The application process for this transformative scheme will soon be available on the official NUA Odisha Scheme website. Eligible applicants can access the application form through the designated portal, yet to be notified by the authorities.

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This transformative initiative by the Odisha Government is set to redefine the prospects of the state’s youth. It is also aimed at bridging the gap between education and employability.

Ensure to check the official website for further updates and the application process of the NUA Odisha Scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NUA Odisha Scheme

What is the NUA Odisha Scheme?

The NUA Scheme aims to skill one lakh youngsters annually in the state over the next three years, with an allocated budget of Rs. 385 crore.

Who launched the NUA Odisha Scheme?

The scheme was launched by the Odisha government to address the skill development needs of the state’s youth.

What is the objective of the Scheme?

The primary objective is to provide skilling opportunities, retraining, and upskilling to the youth of Odisha to enhance their employability.

How will the scheme benefit the youth?

It will bridge the skills gap, offer industry-aligned training, and improve employment prospects for the youth by enhancing their skills.

Who can benefit from the NUA Scheme?

The scheme is designed for the youth of Odisha seeking skill development and training opportunities.

How much is allocated for the NUA Odisha Scheme?

The scheme has a budget allocation of Rs. 385 crore over the next three years.

Where can one get information about the scheme?

Details about the NUA Odisha Scheme can be found on its official website at NUA Odisha Scheme.

What are the key features of the NUA Odisha Scheme?

The scheme covers skilling initiatives across all 30 districts, emphasizing modern technology integration and employability skills.

How can one apply for the NUA Odisha Scheme?

The application process details are yet to be released. Interested individuals can apply through the official website once the application window opens.

Which sectors will benefit from the scheme?

The scheme focuses on various sectors such as agriculture, crafts, and emerging industries, offering skill development tailored to these fields.

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