Emirates D20 Cricket League 2023: Team Members, Points Table and much more!

Emirates D20 Cricket League 2023

Emirates D20 is a thrilling T20 cricket league held annually in the United Arab Emirates. It has become a hotspot for cricket enthusiasts globally. Organized by the Emirates Cricket Board, this event showcases the prowess of local and international players. It offers a remarkable platform for emerging talents. The league has gained immense popularity after the success of Emirates D10. Thus, it is back with a bang for its 2023 edition.

Emirates D20

Objective and Significance

Khalid Al Zarooni, Vice Chairman of Emirates Cricket Board, emphasized the tournament’s role in promoting and developing cricket in the UAE. The D20 series serves as a significant step in nurturing both senior and emerging talents, with an eye on future representation for the UAE national team.

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Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Selection Committee Chairman, highlighted the importance of identifying and grooming critical talent. The 20-over format, known for its popularity worldwide, becomes a fertile ground for spotting promising cricket talent. The tournament is expected to contribute to the training and integration of these talents into the UAE National Team.

ITW Consulting’s Commitment for Emirates D20

Vivek Chandra, Director of ITW Consulting, expressed commitment to UAE Cricket’s positive transformation. Building on the success of Emirates D10, ITW Consulting sees the D20 league as a crucial step towards establishing a sustainable domestic structure, aligning with the board’s vision of becoming a Full Member in the future.

D20 Tournament Schedule and Format

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The second edition of the Emirates D20 tournament, lasting 16 days. The details are as follows:

DateMatch No.TeamsScore (Team 1)ResultScore (Team 2)
Friday, October 131st T20FUJ vs ABD166/4 (FUJ)FUJ Won by 6 wickets165/8 (ABD)
Friday, October 132nd T20SHA vs DUB143/9 (SHA)SHA Won by 1 wicket142/5 (DUB)
Saturday, October 143rd T20AJM vs EMB136/5 (AJM)AJM Won by 42 runs94/1 (EMB)
Saturday, October 144th T20FUJ vs SHA122/1 (FUJ)SHA Won by 8 runs130/1 (SHA)
Sunday, October 155th T20AJM vs ABD107/1 (AJM)ABD Won by 4 wickets113/6 (ABD)
Sunday, October 156th T20EMB vs DUB81/9 (EMB)DUB Won by 119 runs200/3 (DUB)
Monday, October 167th T20AJM vs SHA172/3 (AJM)AJM Won by 73 runs99/7 (SHA)
Monday, October 168th T20EMB vs ABD109/9 (EMB)EMB Won by 4 runs105/9 (ABD)
Tuesday, October 179th T20FUJ vs DUB125/9 (FUJ)Match Tie125/8 (DUB)
Tuesday, October 1710th T20SHA vs ABD119/3 (SHA)SHA Won by 7 wickets117/2 (ABD)
Wednesday, October 1811th T20FUJ vs EMB109/18.3 (FUJ)EMB Won by 34 runs143/9 (EMB)
Wednesday, October 1812th T20AJM vs DUB138/7 (AJM)DUB Won by 4 wickets144/6 (DUB)
Friday, October 2013th T20DUB vs ABD102/8 (DUB)ABD Won by 5 wickets105/5 (ABD)
Friday, October 2014th T20FUJ vs AJM117/8 (FUJ)AJM Won by 4 wickets121/6 (AJM)
Saturday, October 2115th T20ABD vs FUJ129/8 (ABD)ABD Won by 2 wickets128/8 (FUJ)
Saturday, October 2116th T20EMB vs SHA98/9 (EMB)SHA Won by 6 wickets101/4 (SHA)
Sunday, October 2217th T20DUB vs SHA140/9 (DUB)DUB Won by 14 runs126/8 (SHA)
Sunday, October 2218th T20EMB vs AJM103/5 (EMB)AJM Won by 4 wickets107/6 (AJM)
Monday, October 2319th T20ABD vs AJM155/7 (ABD)AJM Won by 3 wickets156/7 (AJM)
Monday, October 2320th T20DUB vs EMB101/19.0 (DUB)EMB Won by 33 runs134/5 (EMB)
Tuesday, October 2421st T20SHA vs FUJ149/6 (SHA)SHA Won by 57 runs92/9 (FUJ)
Tuesday, October 2422nd T20EMB vs ABD146/5 (EMB)ABD Won by 6 wickets150/4 (ABD)
Wednesday, October 2523rd T20SHA vs AJM117/8 (SHA)AJM Won by 6 wickets118/4 (AJM)
Wednesday, October 2524th T20DUB vs FUJ110/19.3 (DUB)FUJ Won by 40 runs150/4 (FUJ)
Friday, October 2725th T20EMB vs FUJ122/6 (EMB)EMB Won by 4 wickets119/8 (FUJ)
Friday, October 2726th T20DUB vs AJM95/9 (DUB)AJM Won by 6 wickets96/4 (AJM)
Saturday, October 2827th T20SHA vs ABD159/7 (SHA)SHA Won by 5 runs154/7 (ABD)
Saturday, October 2828th T20AJM vs FUJ113/20.0 (AJM)FUJ Won by 5 wickets114/5 (FUJ)
Sunday, October 2929th T20ABD vs DUB145/6 (ABD)DUB Won by 23 runs168/7 (DUB)
Sunday, October 2930th T20SHA vs EMB143/9 (SHA)SHA Won by 14 runs129/19.2 (EMB)
Monday, October 301st Semi Final T20AJM vs ABD110/9 (AJM)ABD Won by 1 run111/8 (ABD)
Monday, October 302nd Semi Final T20SHA vs DUB145/9 (SHA)SHA Won by 18 runs127/9 (DUB)
Tuesday, October 31Final T20ABD vs DUB92/0 (ABD)ABD Won by 10 wickets91/9 (DUB)
Table 1: D20 Tournament Schedule

Sky247.net’s Sponsorship and Live Coverage:

The Emirates D20 is sponsored by Sky247.net, a prominent sports news portal offering live updates and comprehensive coverage. Sky247.net’s engagement aims to provide a rich and immersive experience for cricket enthusiasts globally. Matches are broadcast live across various regions through diverse streaming and social media platforms.

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Emirates D20 2023 Points Table

The ongoing Emirates D20 2022 edition has witnessed intense competition among the six teams, with Ajman and Sharjah leading the points table with 14 points each. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Emirates Blues, and Fujairah are closely following, setting the stage for an exciting semi-final and final showdown.

TeamMatches PlayedWinsLossesNRRPoints
Abu Dhabi1046-0.1758
Emirates Blues1046-0.6958
Table 2: Points Table – Emirates D20 2023

June 27Semifinal 15 pmDubai International Stadium
June 27Semifinal 29 pmDubai International Stadium
June 28Final7 pmDubai International Stadium
Table 3: Emirates D20 2023 Final Fixtures


Emirates D20 2023
Emirates D20 Cricket League 2023: Team Members, Points Table and much more! 5

Emirates D20 continues to be a cricket extravaganza that not only entertains but also contributes significantly to the growth and development of cricket in the UAE. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly follow the action-packed matches, the league stands as a beacon for emerging talents, paving the way for a stronger and more competitive cricketing landscape in the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament

Q: When does the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament take place?

The tournament typically takes place annually, with specific dates varying each year. For the latest information, it’s recommended to check the official schedule released by the Emirates Cricket Board.

Q: How many teams participate in the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament?

The tournament features six teams, namely Emirates Blue, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

Q: Where are the matches played?

The matches are played at various stadiums across the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai International Stadium and ICC Academy Ground in Dubai are among the venues.

Q: How long does the tournament typically last?

The duration of the tournament may vary, but it generally spans a few weeks. The schedule, including the start and end dates, is announced before the commencement of the event.

Q: Who organizes the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament?

The tournament is organized by the Emirates Cricket Board, which oversees and manages cricket-related activities in the United Arab Emirates.

Q: Are international players part of the teams in the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament?

Yes, the teams consist of a mix of local and international players. This blend enhances the competitive nature of the tournament and provides a platform for both local and international talent.

Q: How can fans stay updated on match scores and other details during the tournament?

Fans can get live updates, scores, and other relevant information through platforms like BetsAPI.com, which provides real-time data for matches in the Emirates D20 league.

Q: Is there a specific format followed in the tournament?

Yes, the tournament is played in a T20 (20-over) format. This format is popular in cricket and is known for its fast-paced and exciting gameplay.

Q: Are there any initiatives to promote young talent through the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament?

Yes, the tournament serves as a platform to showcase both senior and up-and-coming talent. It is viewed as a crucial step in identifying and nurturing promising players for potential inclusion in the UAE National Team.

Q: Who are the sponsors of the Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament?

The sponsors may vary each year, but Dream11 was mentioned as the Title Sponsor for one edition. Other sponsors, such as ITW Consulting and Sky247.net, have also been associated with the tournament.

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